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PRICE CHANGE - Effective May 18th
Since its inception, over 7 years ago, the Narrator Files has maintained its initial pricing structure. Unfortunately rising costs have forced us to implement our first pricing increase. Effective May 18th, our rates will increase from $20 to $22 per page for standard delivery and from $25 to $27 per page for rush delivery.

We greatly appreciate your business and this decision was not taken lightly. Making this change will allows us to continue to provide excellent service and support. Thank you very much for your understanding.

-- The Narrator Files Team
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Currently available only for Andy, Bill, Derek, Jay, Janean, Julian, and Karin.
Only .doc and .docx files are accepted. Please ensure there are no embedded tables or images in your final script.
Please use this for instructions related to tone and delivery, not for pronunciation guides. Pronunciation notes need to be embedded in the script itself, in [bracketed bold text] next to the word being explained, only the first occurrence.