What is our process?
We pride ourselves on having created an easy process and keeping it streamlined.  You simply prepare a script according to our published guidelines, place your order using our online order form, and then 3-4 business days later, you will receive a link to download your completed audio!

How long does it take to get my recording?
Our standard turn time is 3-4 business days from the point that the invoice is paid.  If you require a faster turnaround, we do offer rush service for a surcharge of $5 per page.

How do I pay for narration?
Once your order has been received and the talent confirmed, you will receive a confirmation from our order processing system that contains a link to your electronic invoice, which is paid online via either credit card or paypal.  Remember, we are a prepaid service and work does not get scheduled until  the invoice is paid.

Can I cut a check off the invoice?
We do understand that many company’s purchasing departments do not like pre-paid services.  As such, if a company cannot pay online, we do accept a company check as payment.  Processing of the job does not, however, begin until the check has been received by our company.

Will you accept a purchase order?
A few companies have needed to create a purchase order for our organization to assist them with their purchasing of voice narration.  To accomplish this, the companies create a purchase order which we invoice off of and then receive payment from.  The company then has an account open with us and “credits” for a certain number of pages.  This helps to keep a prepaid arrangement on our end and respect for the company’s purchasing flow on their end. Please note that all credits purchased with the company do not expire, however they are also not refundable.  They are a pre-payment for future services rendered.