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At only $22 per page, the Narrator Files provides professionally recorded voice talent, affordable rates and fast turnarounds.  We have removed all the barriers!  Use the Narrator Files and even your Rapid eLearning will sound fantastic.  Interested?  Just walk through our three easy steps to get started!

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Please note:  These script guidelines should provide you with a good estimate of your charges, but there can still be differences based on versions of OS, MS Word, Font, etc.  The final page count used will be what our system generates.  However, we are always transparent and happy to share the final formatted document upon request.

  • MS Word Documents only and please do NOT use tables in the document.
  • Standard margin settings (.5″ top and bottom, 1″ left and right, 0″ gutter, .5″ header and footer). Courier font, 12 point size with line spacing set to one and a half and a 10pt spacing set after paragraphs.
  • Place each file name in bold type, on its own line, ahead of the audio that it will contain. We allow up to 5 audio files per page with additional files available at a charge of $2 per file. Please do not use numbered lists instead of filenames, this causes problems for our processing application.
  • Ensure that your document is formatted to be conducive to a proper read (i.e. using paragraphs, bulletpoints, etc. . .). Please note any special instructions in italicized-bold type inside brackets.
  • Pronunciation guidance must be provided for complex or industry specific words, or unusual names as well as any emotions or inflections that you desire, etc.  If pronunciation guides are not provided, our talent will do their best to pronounce the words in the script appropriately, but mispronunciations will need to be fixed by the submission of a new order. Please note: Complex medical terms or highly technical terms that are mispronounced may, at our discretion, require a new order to fix as they fall outside of the scope of “standard narration reads”.
  • By default we pronounce all acronyms as individual letters, if you wish yours to be pronounced as a word you must specify this.
  • Do not use abbreviations or substitute letters for words when you want words said. . . so if you want our talent to say “that is”, please don’t use i.e. instead, write out “that is”.  If you write i.e., that is what you may get in the read.  If two or more narrators will be used within a script, please create one master script with both parts AND one script for each talent showing just their part.  The master script will be used for context.


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