Ron Price
Ron Price Sr. Vice President, Yukon Learning
The Narrator Files’ voice services help us to exceed our clients’ expectations by giving access to a great service at a great price. Thank you for quality work with fast turn-around time at an affordable price. We are very pleased with our relationship with Narrator Files and would highly recommend you to our colleagues.

Donald Downard Pitney Bowes
As an e-learning developer, I am always looking for ways to make my courses more engaging for the participant. Finding the Narrator Files has been a true blessing. I am now able to easily create e-learning modules that include a host of characters- specifically customers. Each customer can have a unique voice/personality- with an on-screen image from eLearningStock.com and voice talent from the Narrator Files- making customer-based-scenarios more realistic and engaging. I simply pick the talent to match my needs, forward a script, and await the results! Even multi-talent dialog is a snap. Best of all, the audio files are right the first time, every time! The Narrator Files is by far the quickest, most economical way to manage a range of voice talent requirements and has helped me create very engaging, realistic training on a budget.

Gina Evans eLearning Designer
Narrator Files offers a range of voice talent that makes e-learning narration a breeze for a good price. Their narrators put the “talent